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Create The Ripple Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

"There is no reality other than you. That reality is all the reasons why you can." -Brenda Jones


What do you fear the most?-Failure? Mistakes? What ifs? Shoulds? Today, Candice sits with Brenda Jones, the Co-founder of Belief Co. to talk about how success can be found even in a restroom! That was what happened to Brenda (literally!), and she gladly narrates this fun experience along with life lessons to help you believe in yourself again. Learn how you can forget the old version of you, get in the flow, and use your words to manifest your vision. Also in today's episode, tips on helping a client who has the same problems as you, and the sure way to tell if you are making the right decisions. Tune in and learn more about how Brenda can lead you to a breakthrough with her amazing technique! 


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Create the Ripple 






Create the Ripple Podcast 

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01:27 A Fun Fact About Beliefs

09:09 Hit the Flow, Build the Momentum

19:27 What is Your Reality? 

24:42 Breakthrough with Brenda

33:22 What to Do If Your Client Has the Same Problem as You

38:32 Paint Your Life with Your Words

44:14 Success... In the Bathroom

53:06 Your Kids Are Watching