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Create The Ripple Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

"A lot of us have gone through a lot of transformation. If we can embrace that in a way that allows us to transpire a new beginning, this year might offer us more opportunities to expand and grow into who it is that we've always desired to be." -Tara Lee Ayotte


Have you ever heard of a singing bowl? Today is a splendid day for an inspiring conversation and a little bit of music with Candice and Tara Lee Ayotte, owner of Sacred Earth Adventures. Candice and Tara unravel the mystery behind sound energy and how it affects how you show up and align with your soul signature. Also, hear how gratitude can help you navigate through the good, the bad, and the ugly with ease and grace. The secret to healing your core, letting your energy flow, and manifesting your dream life- all in today's episode!


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Create the Ripple 






Create the Ripple Podcast 

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06:04 Navigate Your Way with Ease and Grace

10:22 Move the Needle Forward

17:15 Pause & Reevaluate

22:55 Communication, Delegation, Gratitude

28:06 With Sound, Of Course!

32:57 Surrender and Be Free

36:02 The Seed of a New Beginning

41:41 Get Yourself a Singing Bowl