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Create The Ripple Podcast

Feb 26, 2021

If it scares you, it's a good thing.” -Kristen Vaccher

Facing rejection for being different is scary, but it’s even more terrifying if the rejection comes from within. In this episode, Candice talks to Kristen Vaccher. At 13, Kristen was diagnosed with  Alopecia. Her life has changed dramatically since then. Kristen recounts her battles- from being bullied to overcoming self-doubt and understanding self-love. Listen in as Candice and Kristen share what helped them live a life full of truth, love, and joy!

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Create the Ripple Podcast 

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  • 01:55 The Change That Changed Everything
  • 07:27 Fake Comfort
  • 15:07 Shift and Change
  • 27:41 Just People
  • 35:55 The Good Thing About Scary  
  • 40:27 Razors…