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Create The Ripple Podcast

Aug 23, 2022

Today I interview Candice Smiley (and yes! That's really her last name!) Candice is a mom, podcaster, social marketer and essentialist who loves to engage in interesting conversations with other influencers and entrepreneurs.  Her favorite conversations are the ones that take courage to engage in.  (Check out her podcast, Create the Ripple Podcast)


She has learned the power of saying no, listening to your own heart and speaks openly about subtle abuse as it occurs in relationships - personally and professionally.   She’s become a voice for listening to your own truth and speaking it clearly, powerfully - at home, at work and in your life.  She spends her time living - in a tiny home (250 sq ft), traveling, speaking and sharing candidly with others how to live life after betrayal, to trust themselves, speak up for themselves and set powerful boundaries.


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