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Create The Ripple Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

After a narcissistic and abusive romantic partner cheated on her with multiple women and left her (and the country) with significant unexpected bad debt and ruined credit, Candice was forced to rebuild her life, her credit and her trust in herself. Over the next few years, Candice navigated the challenging world of foreclosure court, filing for financial proposals and divorce. During these times she adopted a minimalist lifestyle, leaned on her personal network and practiced radical personal forgiveness, acceptance and responsibility. The journey was not without its impact and Candice shares powerfully about dealing with anxiety, depression, shame and learning to let go. Now debt-free, financially stable and in a safe committed relationship, Candice loves her minimalist lifestyle for the beauty and freedom it offers her. She knows the power of a good thrift store shop and loves her wardrobe! She has learned the power of saying no, listening to your own heart and speaks openly about subtle abuse as it occurs in relationships. She’s become a voice for listening to your own truth and speaking it powerfully. She knows how to save money, make money online and in creative ways to balance the books as a single mom and yet live your biggest and best life.


This series gives a voice to those who have overcome challenges in all forms, that dare greatly to share their real stories, that have seen hope and rose above those adversities to become victorious, to go on to support and inspire others to do the same.


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