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Create The Ripple Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Have you or someone you know experienced sexual assault? Among the many emotions that healing from a sexual assault can bring up, is grief. 


In this fourteenth episode together, I am so excited to be joined by Candice Smiley. Candice is a blogger, social marketer, podcaster, mother, and a survivor of sexual assault. Twenty years ago, Candice’s life was forever changed when she survived a sexual assault from her boyfriend. Since then, Candice has been on a journey of healing and  acceptance. Through her work as a blogger, podcaster, speaker, and as a mother, Candice is determined to create a conversation around narcissistic partners, sexual assault, balancing feminine and masculine energies, setting boundaries, and recovering from grief.   


Throughout this episode, Candice tells her story of being sexually assaulted and how she has learned to process the grief and trauma caused by that event. She talks about finding therapy through writing, what happened when she stopped running from her emotions, how she creates boundaries within her life, and the patterns she has broken to turn a corner in her life. I resonate so much with Candice’s story and I am grateful for her vulnerability in sharing her story. 


Tune in and listen to the fourteenth episode of Grief and Happiness, and join me in learning how Candice has navigated the grief caused by sexual assault. 


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Candice’s story of grief (2:27)
  • The trend that has continued in Candice’s life (10:30)
  • What happened when Candice stopped running from her guilt  (15:09)
  • What Candice has learned about setting boundaries during her healing (21:01)
  • How Candice has turned a corner (23:34)
  • That you deserve your truth  (31:19)

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